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Increase attendance at your event with Sand Sculpture!

Properly promoted, the presence of sand sculptors at your event increases attendance. The longer your event lasts, the better this works.

People are naturally curious. At the start of the job it is never obvious what sort of sand sculpture is being created. Every member of the crew working a job for Mark Chapman Sand Sculpture has been instructed NOT to tell the public what theme is planned for the sculpture. We also always carry a portfolio of photos from past events to create heightened interest amonst the attendees. This assures that some spectators will return later or send their friends to find out what is being sculpted.

Sand Sculptors are entertainers. Our main competitors at large events are bands and comedians.

At a multi day event Sand sculpture is always the best deal in entertainment because unlike a band which only entertains for a few hours sand sculptors are on the job for your entire event, often at a much lower price than a popular band.

Mark Chapman Sand Sculpture operates primarily in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Our work can be a bargain compared with sculptors flying into the area. Prices start at $350

Is Sand Sculpture right for your event?

Mark Chapman



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